Banana Health Benefits

What are the various banana health benefits?

In some countries, bananas used for cooking are known as plantains.

Banana is an edible fruit of several types of the genus Musa. It is a large herbaceous flowering plant.

The fruits are usually elongated and curved but they may vary in size, color and firmness. The flesh is soft and starchy with yellow, purple or red rind. Growing in clusters, the fruits can be seen hanging from the top of the banana plant. They are sweet and nutritious that is why they are loved by both children and adults. You can indulge your sweet tooth without destroying your diet just by eating bananas since bananas are naturally fat and cholesterol free.

An average banana only contains about 110 calories. The average banana is 7 inches long.

Health benefits

Cavendish bananas

A banana has more health benefits  than that of an apple because it has more vitamins and nutrients. It has two times as many carbohydrates as apple and five times more vitamin A and iron. A banana also has three times more phosphorus than an apple.

  • Increases energy. The large amount of carbohydrates they can give to an individual. This is why athletes who are competing usually eat bananas during breaks to obtain enough energy to go on playing and finishing their match.
  • Regulates bowel movement. Bananas are rich in fiber which helps in regulating our bowel functions.
  • Promotes good muscle contraction and stabilizes heart functions. Bananas contain a considerable amount of potassium which is a vital element for muscle contraction and also for stabilizing functions of the heart as well of the nervous system. Only four grams of potassium is required each day and you can obtain this just by eating a banana.
  • Reduces stress. Bananas are also said to effectively reduce stress levels while improving your mood and lessening depression due to its tryptophan acid content. Tryptophan contains a certain amount of protein that relaxes the mind and make you feel happier.
  • Maintains healthy bones. Green bananas are very healthful in absorbing calcium which results in helping an individual to have healthy bones. The probiotic bacteria in bananas assist in the absorption of calcium while increasing digestive ability.
  • Reduces the urge to smoke. Smokers can quit the habit of smoking ; this is one of the amazing banana health benefits.¬† Minerals such as magnesium, potassium, vitamin B6 and B12 packed in bananas help reduce nicotine.
  • Increases brain function and memory. Potassium in bananas have also been proven to increase brain power and elevate mental alertness so it is important to eat bananas everyday.
  • Increases hemoglobin level. The rich iron content of bananas increases iron in our body and results in higher hemoglobin levels. The severity of anemia is reduced after increasing hemoglobin content. Greater hemoglobin production would also allow your blood to clot quicker when having a cut or a serious injury.
  • Promotes intestinal health. Bananas can also cure overacidity while reducing irritation in the stomach since it provides a coating around the inner walls which eventually promote intestinal health. Its capability to neutralize acidity makes it a good fruit for getting rid of heartburn.
  • Regulates blood glucose. Being a good replacement for menstrual pain killers due to their rich vitamin B content is among the banana health benefits. They help in regulating blood glucose levels.
  • Reduces menstrual pain. Vitamin B balances the overall mood of the person and eventually reduce menstrual pains.
  • Soothes insect bites. Use banana peels instead of using creams for reducing itching and swelling of mosquito bites to get relief from these bites.
  • Used as fertilizers. Banana peels can also be used as good fertilizers for gardens and soil such that those where roses grow.

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