Avocado Health Benefits

Avocado or alligator pear

Avocado has unique health benefits. One of them is its ability to improve the nutrient absorption by our body.

It is also a very good source of healthy fats and its consumption can provide benefits for weight management, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The fruit is rich in monounsaturated fat that can be easily burned for energy. You can increase your calorie intake by eating this fruits everyday without significantly increasing carbohydrate or protein intake.

Health benefits

The avocado is a tree which is native to Central Mexico. The sodium and cholesterol-free fruit is also known as alligator pear. It is a large berry that contains one seed. Avocados are grown in tropical and Mediterranean climates of the world and have green-skinned fleshy body which is either egg-shaped, pear-shaped or spherical. The fruit ripens after harvesting. Its flesh rapidly turns brown after exposure to air.

Avocados are not sweet but subtly flavored while having a smooth and almost creamy texture. They are also good source of organic raw butter, coconut oil, and organic pastured eggs.

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Absorbs fat soluble nutrients

One of the many health benefits is its ability to effectively absorb fat soluble nutrients such as beta-carotene, alpha-carotene and lutein. Adding it to a salad allows the eating individual to absorb three to five times more carotenoids antioxidant molecules that can reliably protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. It also contains compounds that can destroy oral cancer cells while improving lid profiles even in healthy individuals.

Prevents age-related diseases

The vitamin E content in it can also neutralize free radicals and accumulates proteins to cure memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s disease which eventually slows down the advancement of this disease.Its folate content prevents the formation of nerve fibers which are tangled and associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Folate also helps in rapid cell division as well as growth during infancy and pregnancy. It also maintains levels of amino acid.

Lutein in avocados protect against cataracts and certain kinds of cancer while reducing macular degeneration which is the main cause of blindness in people 65 years and older.

Oleic acid and potassium in the fruits lower cholesterol levels while reducing risk of having high blood pressure.

Sources of essential nutrients

Avocado is considered a superfood because of its many health benefits. Nearly 20 essential nutrients of this high fiber fruit truly gives it a lot of amazing health benefits. Other vitamins present in the fruit are vitamins A, C, D, E, K and vitamins B such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and biotin.

The fruit is naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids and will provide you with a healthy heart, a really clear eyesight as well as a brilliant mind.

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