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We provide you complete natural remedies to cure any kind of illness or condition from A to Z.

When you feel you aren’t in the pink of your health, remember…

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Benjamin Franklin

You and I have heard this the very first time from our kindergarten teacher. Yet how many of us really took it seriously as we were growing up?

With the mouth-watering foods offered by fast food chains and instant food pack, health has been compromised for ease and convenience. We didn’t realize until we were faced with health problems like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, cancer and a lot other irreversible medical conditions.

Even if treatments are conveniently received from doctors and medical experts, long term side effects of using commercial medicines have been found to affect other vital organs of the body specifically the kidney and the liver.

Good health can be achieved. But it takes a lot of self-disciple to follow a healthy lifestyle and a lot of patience to see positive and long-lasting results from natural remedies, home remedies or traditional medicine.

Natural remedies

There have been many misconceptions about natural remedies. This site will differentiate important terminologies such as homeopathy, alternative medicine, ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

If you have health issues from acne to yeast infection, their corresponding natural health treatment are discussed in this site. We also appreciate comments and self-tested natural remedies that you, our readers can share to others. This will give our site visitors a wide choice of treatment that is available, affordable and appropriate to their health conditions.

3 A’s of natural remedies

The 3 A’s of choosing complete natural remedies will guide you on the best natural treatment you can have for your illness:

  • Available. Sources of natural cure for certain health conditions are very accessible. Fruits and vegetables can be bought from your local market. Some may even have backyard gardens teeming with herbs generally used as ingredients in everyday dishes and usually made into a concoction for a natural cure. Spices are a good source of medicinal benefits, too.
  • Affordable. Many effective natural remedies can be bought from herb shops and market in your community.
  • Appropriate. Is the dose right for you? Can you drink the concoction? Are you not allergic to it?

Kids can be very picky and to make them take natural cure can be a tough job. There are also adults who may not be able to ingest the bitter taste of the mixture using natural herbs or vegetables. I am not referring only to age-appropriateness but other preferences to taste, odor and whatever it is that makes you take the natural cure or repulse it.

So a list of complete natural remedies and natural health supplements for specific medical condition or ailment will give you the freedom to choose the best way to relieve or alleviate your condition.

Many of us live in fast-paced metropolitan cities and regretfully sacrificing good health and quality life for ease and convenience.

But being healthy is a difficult choice. It calls for discipline and hard work. Broadly, it includes compliance to the ideal body mass, awareness of the food pyramid, practice of healthy eating habit, involvement in physical fitness and sports as well as maintaining positive mental attitude.

According to Josh Billings “There are lots of people who spend so much time watching their health, they haven’t got time to enjoy it.”

Precisely! You and I don’t want to take all the pains of keeping a healthy lifestyle but missing the best part of our lives.

Be healthy and be happy!

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