Kiwifruit Health Benefits

Kiwifruits have been known to be effective in improving our health since the fruit is considered a nutrition powerhouse.

The kiwi fruit is an oval shaped edible fruit native to China, particularly at the southern part of China, where they are known as macaque peach. It is the berry of a woody type vine of the genus Actinidia and is named after a unique bird that lives in New Zealand.

The sweet taste of the fruit is a combination of the taste of a banana, a strawberry and a pineapple. The kiwifruit has a hairy and dull-greenish brown fibrous outer skin and contains a green flesh with a white pulp at its center surrounded by black seeds which are edible.

The kiwifruit may reach to a length of 3 inches and a diameter of up to 2.2 inches. It has been popularly used as a garnish placed on top of whipped cream on a famous Australian and New Zealand dessert called pavlova. Kiwi is also used in different savory and sweet dishes.

Some of the kiwifruit benefits are its effectivity in relieving asthma especially in children and its reliability in reducing the risk of having colon cancer. Folic acid in kiwifruit is used to prevent cardiovascular diseases, prevent neural defects while helping in the development of brain and cognitive development.

  • Rich in Vitamin C. Kiwifruit is considered to have twice is much as vitamin C than oranges such that you only need one kiwifruit to get all the recommended daily need of Vitamin C.
  • Good source of Vitamin E. The low fat fruit is also a good source of Vitamin E which is known for improving the health of our heart and kiwi’s antioxidant properties.
  • Prevents cardiovascular diseases. The high potassium and low sodium fruit also makes it reliable in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and a healthy heart. Pectin is kiwifruit reduces cholesterol. Impotence in men can be reliably treated through the amino acid arginine in kiwifruit which is a popular vasodilator.
  • Contains high lutein content. Other significant kiwi fruit benefits are improving the function of our immune system and preventing the age related deterioration of the eyesight since it has the highest concentration of lutein amongst the fruits. Lutein has also been known to prevent prostate and lung cancer.
  • Prevents growth of cancer cells. The antimutagenic content of the kiwifruit is very important in preventing the mutation of genes that may start the growth of cancerous cells and also prevent nitrosation where carcinogenic nitrates formed when smoking and barbecuing foods are ingested. The amino acid arginine present in kiwifruit improves post-angioplasty blood flow and effectively prevents the formation of plaque in arteries and veins.
  • Good source of fiber. Dietary fiber in kiwifruit contains a compound that accelerates digestive transit time to enable colorectal cancer prevention.
  • Prevents depression. Other amazing kiwifruit benefits are its ability to treat depression due to its inositol content and reliability in controlling diabetes due to inositol which is a natural sugar alcohol. The high level of serotonin in kiwifruit benefits provides a calming effect and may reduce stress.
  • Rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants in kiwifruit also prevent the oxidation of good cholesterol and its magnesium content helps in preventing hypertension.
  • Source of electrolytes. The wide range of minerals or electrolytes in the fruit can be essential in replenishing lost electrolytes especially when the climate is hot. Kiwi can also be a naturally important source of electrolytes prior to a workout.

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