Healthy Eating Habits Start Early in Kids

When do you teach healthy eating habits to your kids?

As a parent, you must start training your little children to eat the right food with the right proportion.

Kids learn most from what adults teach them. As early as infancy when moms start feeding their babies with baby food, babies are forming the healthy eating habits that will make them healthy adults.

Follow the new Food Plate guide.

To simplify this task, here’s the Food Plate to guide you on what your kids should be eating. With this new tool, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) aims at helping people to adapt to a healthier eating habits every mealtime.

Food Plate replaces the Food Pyramid by stressing more fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Children of course can be very picky. It will take them time to get used to the new taste of foods that you prefer. Nonetheless, it is always good to start training them at early age.

Sing to healthy eating habits. Visit youtube Choose My Plate: A Lyrical Rendition.

Offer small servings only.

Moms always make the biggest mistake of forcing kids to eat a heap of good plate to their kids. This can be overwhelming to a child. If you are just training your kid to eat good food, then small servings will do. If he likes more, he can always have a second helping.

Serve a variety of choice every meal.

Variety in the healthy food you serve to the kids will make them look forward to another delicious and nutritious meal. Moms work magic in the kitchen by cooking up something interesting each meal. Many moms are very creative especially when training their little ones during infancy.

  • Rainbow foods. Colorful foods like fruits and vegetables are very tempting to kids. Train your kids to eat the rainbow-colored fruits and vegetables to enjoy the full benefits of nutrients especially the antioxidants.
  • Use fun names for your kid’s food. Kids are often picky about the vegetables to eat. According to scientists, you can call the vegetables fun names that kids will remember. Preschoolers always remember the names of the “Vegetable or Fruit of the Day” like X-ray Vision Carrot or Power Punch Broccoli.
  • Identify their interest. Kids can associate spinach with cartoon character Popeye.
  • Serve food in interesting shapes and sizes. Preschool kids find it fun to see their plates with pancakes in different shapes. Miniature pizzas or mini-muffins can be a good substitute to the regular shaped sandwiches you serve.

Involve kids in shopping, planning and cooking meals.

Shopping with kids can be fun. You can start teaching them to choose nutritious foods over junkies when you tag them along to the supermarket. You can teach colors and sizes while shopping. When they get a little older, this will also teach them handling and budgeting money.

Kids can be pesky when they try to help you out in the kitchen. But come to think of it, if they are interested in the kitchen then it’s a good sign that you can involve them in planning healthy meals for the day and help in cooking their favorite dishes. This can be really fun time for moms and kids in the kitchen.

The key to making your kids develop healthy eating habits is to make each meal enjoyable!

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