Garlic Health Benefits

There are many garlic health benefits to the body. If there’s one plant known to reduce heart-related disorders, it would be garlic!

Garlic is good for hypertension.

Garlic is a bulbous plant that has a very strong and bitter flavor. It forms part of the allium genus that also includes onions, leeks and shallots.

Garlic grows underground while exposing shoots in the air. Garlic bulbs are produced at the top of the shoots. It may be bought in supermarkets as wild garlic, elephant garlic or crow garlic. Each bulb is covered by a papery skin and may include from ten to twenty individual cloves that have a pinkish skin. Garlic can be used raw or cooked, crushed or sliced either as a main ingredient or as a seasoning.

Health benefits

Garlic health benefits have been established or widely accepted for such a long time now. Even modern science has proven that garlic is a very effective natural antibiotic and cures almost everything from the common cold and flu, to even the plague.

Garlic contents, the allicin and diallyl sulphides are considered as its two main ingredients which provide several garlic health benefits or forms part of the garlic healing properties.

Allicin is the chemical fluid discharged when the garlic is chewed or chopped. Allicin is so powerful that it is considered an antibiotic and is a potent sulfur compound that effectively slows down growth and reproduction of germs.

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation and boosts immune cell activity. Garlic particularly aged garlic are known to have a very powerful antioxidant effect which can protect the body against the destructive free radicals while maintaining the healthy circulation of blood and enhancing the immune cell activity of the body. Black garlic is considered to have greater antioxidant levels than the normal garlic.
  • Fights bacteria. Garlic also have antiviral properties which is a shield against allergies while its antibacterial properties is a very effective treatment for coughs and other throat disorders while being reliable in curing upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Regulates blood sugar. Garlic controls the release of insulin in people with diabetes so as to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. Garlic is also effective in lowering blood pressure levels as well as cholesterol levels while reducing plaque accumulation in arteries.
  • Relieves tooth problem. The antibacterial, anesthetizing and analgesic properties of garlic can cure toothaches only by applying a crushed garlic clove directly onto the affected tooth as well as gum for instant cure.
  • Cures infection. The ability of garlic to fight bacteria and cure infections makes it an effective remedy for warts and other skin diseases. The cut area of the garlic clove can be directly rubbed on the wart just by a few seconds and should be done each night until the wart disappears.The applied area should be rinse with water when a burning sensation is felt.
  • Aids the liver functioning. Garlic is also known to promote the production of bile which help reduces fat levels in the liver.
  • Reduces risk of cardiac disorders. A very significant garlic health benefit is the prevention of arteriosclerosis which reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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