Baby Sore Throat

Baby sore throat can be very uncomfortable; usually your baby will have pain, discomfort and difficulty swallowing. It’s harder to identify sore throat symptoms in babies; all that the baby can do is cry from the pain and discomfort.

Sore throat is medically termed as pharyngitis and usually associated with colds or upper respiratory disorders. The cause is often viral and may go away soon but seeing your baby crying can make you jump on your feet to look for a remedy.


Some causes of baby sore throat are strep bacteria, tonsillitis, coxsackie, scarlet fever, or epiglottis.

  • Strep bacteria. A certain bacteria group called Group A streptococcus causes the tonsils to be inflamed and cause baby sore throat. Because strep throat is very contagious, antibiotics are used to treat it. Some parents neglect to treat strep throat and may result to rheumatic fever affecting the heart.
  • Tonsilitis. Tonsilitis is viral but others are bacterial, too and only antibiotics can cure it. Recurrent tonsillitis can also be worrisome and your pediatrician might tell you to have your child’s tonsils removed. This surgery is known as tonsillectomy.
  • Coxsackie. This infection usually surfaces in summer and fall. It is also called hand, foot and mouth disease (but not the same one in farm animals). The disease is characterized by fever, blisters on the tongue, throat and inside the cheeks. Sometimes it is accompanied by rash on the hands and feet sole. Another type also manifests red ring blisters in the throat and tonsils.
  • Scarlet Fever. Rash that looks like bad sunburn is known as scarlet fever. This is caused by the same strep bacteria causing strep throat and may also lead to a serious complication of the heart like rheumatic fever.
  • Epiglottis. Although this has become a rare disorder, epiglottis is characterized by the swelling of a small lid cartilage in the windpipe. When swelling and inflammation is worst, it can block the lungs and can cause death.


As much as possible, you must delay giving of antibiotics if baby sore throat in isn’t that worse. Here is what you can do to relieve your baby sore throat.

  • Warm fluid. Give your baby warm chicken broth to relieve the inflammation of the throat. Hot tea or hot lemon juice can be taken in sips. Just make sure it’s warm enough for your baby to take; burning your baby’s mouth or scalding the throat might worsen the condition.
  • Cold treats. You can let your baby lick ice popsicles or cold juice from the fridge to soothe the pain.

Watching your baby in pain is so distressing; if you suspect your baby’s sore throat is not relieved by any home remedy, go to your pediatrician to avoid any complications. Baby sore throat should not be taken for granted.

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