Arthritis is a joint disorder that causes pains due to the inflammation of the joints. Many people think that it is a disorder common among the elderly and is the concern of geriatric medicine. The truth is that it can affect anyone of all ages. It can be very painful but natural remedies have helped reduce the pain and swelling.

Aside from home and herbal treatments, lifestyle change including proper nutrition, diet and exercise can be very helpful.

Kinds of arthritis

There are many kinds of arthritis, roughly about 100 kinds but here are the common types:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis causes pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of function of the joints in the wrist and fingers. This is very common in women. Click this link on  Rheumatoid Arthritis Quiz.
  • Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease due to joint trauma.
  • Septic arthritis is a result of joint infection.
  • Gout is characterized by red, tender, hot and swollen joints due to acute inflammation.
  • Psoriatic arthritis is common among people with psoriasis.

Get rid of arthritis because it may raise your risk of heart attack.


25.9% of women are affected with RA according to CDC survey in 2007–2009.

The causes cannot be identified easily. Your doctor can tell you what causes your arthritis only after he received thorough clinical information from your laboratory tests.

The cause also depends on what type of arthritis you have.

However here are some of the causes to consider:

  • Genes. This disease is hereditary. A small percentage of patients has been linked to genetic makeup. Knowing that it runs in your family will help you avoid the risk factors.
  • Lifestyle. Age has nothing to do with developing this debilitating disorder. Even young kids can have juvenile arthritis. Smoking, stress, previous injury, infection and some food types can trigger the disease in anyone.
  • Metabolic abnormalities. Abnormal metabolic processes can sometimes be inherited or acquired due to failure of an important organ.
  • Autoimmune disorder. Lupus or SLE is an autoimmune disorder associated with joint pain.

Signs and symptoms

Some signs indicating that you have arthritis are swelling, joint stiffness, constant pain around the joints, difficulty in moving, joint tenderness and the inability to use the hand, to name a few.

Systemic lupus erythematosus or SLE, known to be a common collagen vascular disorder can be considered present in the body of an arthritic patient when he is suffering from its severely.

Living with arthritis

Arthritis can’t be cured but you can lessen the painful symptoms .

  • Watch your weight. Maintaining and losing weight is the best remedy since the lesser your weigh, the less load is carried by your affected knees.
  • Have a routine exercise. Exercise is essential for persons with osteoarthritis. Walking is good for older people while swimming is good if you are younger or in better shape.
  • Consult a physical therapist. Physical therapy also helps.
  • Try acupuncture. Traditional Chinese acupuncture may help. Needles inserted in the skin stimulate some points in the body and can lessen pain and correct joint disability .
  • Use of electrodes or electrical energy. The procedure can be used to help ease pain and swelling in the joints through the use of electrodes set around the affected joint.

Natural treatment for arthritis

Arthritis is known to be a disabling disease but there are natural remedies or herbal treatments to treat the symptoms .

    • One herbal remedy you should try is alfalfa, a tested folk remedy. Try the alfalfa tea.
    • Glucosamine may help those with hip and knee arthritis, as well as avocado soybean unsaponifiables.
    • The root of black cohosh is an American Indian treatment while eating raw or cooked celery can treat rheumatism.
    • A ginger compress may be beneficial while ginseng liquor, particularly, the American ginseng increases our ability to handle stress and reduce the pain.
    • You can also eat sesame seeds which is a Chinese folk medicine.
    • A safe anti-inflammatory cure is turmeric curcumin and it has many good effects on the liver, too.
  • Wild cucumber bark is known to be the best cure for rheumatism and arthritis. Try mixing the bark with drinking alcohol or transform it into tea for better results.

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